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Zenkit as an Evernote Alternative

Evernote is a note-taking app that allows users to virtually capture and prioritize their ideas, projects, and to-do lists. Users can manage both professional and personal projects with features such as text notes, audio recordings, and image files. But what if your projects become more complex or if you want an overview of your ideas and tasks?

At Zenkit, we believe that every project has its own unique requirements. Zenkit has multiple data views to give you maximum flexibility. Features such as “comments” and “task assignments” will help you and your team to achieve even more.

Want an even more flexible alternative to Evernote? Then look no further than Zenkit!

Mind Map View
Kanban Boards
Calendar View
To-do list View
View switching (within a file)
Recurring tasks
File attachment
Due dates
Bulk actions (only for Windows and macOS)
Teamwork features (Evernote Business only)
Offline function
Web clipping
PlatformsiOS, Android, WindowsiOS, Android, Web, Desktop (Mac, Windows, Linux)

At a glance

Advantages Evernote

  • Ability to save notes as different file types (e.g. text, image, audio)
  • Web clipping function
  • E-Mail integration

Disadvantages Evernote

  • Less flexible data views
  • Teamwork functions only available in the Business Package
  • No recurring tasks

Advantages Zenkit

  • 8 different data views
  • Ability to switch view at any time
  • Recurring tasks
  • Diverse teamwork functions

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