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We’ve had the great honour of being featured by many online publications, big and small, over the last few years. Here are some snippets from our favourites:

“Zenkit… helps users manage tasks, allocate resources, and budget effectively during the project life cycle. The solution facilitates communication and collaboration for team members and improves productivity.”

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“You can create your own Apps via Collections and visualize data using List, Kanban, Table, Calendar and Mind Map views. Zenkit is fast and easy to use.”



“A simple yet powerful project management tool”



“Zenkit is a project management platform where users can choose the way they like to work… Users are able to use the best tool for the task at hand.”



“This to-do list manager is easy-to-use clutter-free and yet feature-rich. It also includes nice mind-mapping and collaboration features.”

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“[Zenkit] provides different tools for different teams to fulfill their overall business needs. Whether it’s project management, CRM, support or any other business solution, Zenkit caters all.”



“Zenkit – Interview with the developer of a fantastic app.”

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Foreign Language Press:

“Zenkit ist die perfekte Wahl für Unternehmen, die ein benutzerfreundliches und attraktiv gestaltetes Tool für einfaches Team- und Aufgabenmanagement suchen und nicht an umfassenderen Projektmanagementfunktionen wie Zeiterfassung oder Budgetierung interessiert sind.” 



“Zenkit’i herhangi bir proje için kullanabilirsiniz! Projenizin mutlaka bir yazılım projesi olması gerekmiyor. En karışık projelerinizde veya en basit projelerinizde dahi Zenkit’i kullanabilirsiniz. Örneğin, bir yemek daveti verecekseniz dahi Zenkit’i kullanabilirsiniz.”



“Au-delà de son positionnement d’alternative à Trello, Zenkit devient une robuste solution de gestion de projets en équipe. Les modèles permettent de démarrer rapidement avec des structures efficaces. Et l’intégration avec Zapier ouvre des horizons énormes vers votre écosystème applicatif.”



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