Timeneye & Zenkit To Do

Connect your Zenkit To Do and Timeneye accounts

Productivity tools are created to improve workflows. However, multitasking or constantly switching between different tools could have the opposite effect, leading you to poor concentration and reduced productivity.

With this stress-free Timeneye time tracking integration, you can easily track the time for your tasks directly in Zenkit To Do. You can combine the power of time tracking and task management software without being interrupted, and reach your goals efficiently!

About Timeneye: Online Time Tracking Software

Timeneye is a simple, intelligent time tracking tool that helps small businesses keep track of their projects, budgets, and billable hours. It combines easy-to-use time tracking with powerful management tools that can help businesses monitor projects, stay within budget, and visualize daily efforts. With its detailed reporting, you can ensure a clear overview of your projects and a better understanding of the allocation of your resources. Start your free 14-day trial and learn more about Timeneye: https://www.timeneye.com/.

About Zenkit To Do: Online Task Management

Zenkit To do is a task list app designed to simplify your daily task management. With a beautiful, intuitive design, smart lists, reminders, and more, it enables you to collaborate with your team, family, and friends, wherever you are. Zenkit To Do is available online and from the App Store and Play Store.

As part of the Zenkit Suite family, Zenkit To Do integrates seamlessly with all other Zenkit apps. For more information, visit: https://zenkit.com/todo.

How to connect Timeneye and Zenkit To Do?

  1. Sign up for a Timeneye account.
  2. Install Timeneye browser widget for Chrome or Firefox.
  3. Log in with your Timeneye credentials.
  4. Click on any Zenkit To Do item to open the detail panel.
  5. Click on the “+” button to track time for that item (You can enter the time manually or start and stop timers.).
  6. Run your time report in Timeneye later on.

Who will benefit from this Timeneye and Zenkit To Do integration?

  • Team members and freelancers who seek to efficiently track the time spent on their projects in Zenkit without switching apps.
  • Project managers who want to keep a clear overview of time and budget allocation on their projects.

Additional Integration Details

  • Supported by Timeneye: Please contact Timeneye support if you experience any problems.