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The Next Web

Why this former Trello user has moved to (and is loving) Zenkit


The Trello Killer: Morph Your Kanban Board Into a To-Do List and Calendar With Zenkit


Zenkit Helps You Organize Complex Projects Into Actionable, Bite-Size Steps


Zenkit wants to combine the best of Wunderlist and Trello


Zenkit Adds Wunderlist Features To Its Already Robust Project Management Toolbox

The Next Web

Zenkit's first mobile app could spell trouble for Trello


Zenkit in Review


Startup Of The Week: Zenkit

Business Insider

Billions in sight: A Karlsruhe startup wants to simplify everyday office life with a simple software


Best of 2017: 30 Web Apps and Software Trends That Ruled the Workplace

What Are The Best Product Management Tools of 2019?

Zenkit is a killer app your team desperately needs

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