The Digital Transformation Platform

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Your Digital Transformation Platform

Today, Digital transformation is the key challenge for every organization. But it does not have to be complicated. With Zenkit you can structure, organize, combine, and re-structure all relevant information and processes with ease. Transparent, understandable, and actionable for teams of all sizes – from startups to enterprises. Start in minutes, not months.

Finally – The Whole Picture

Everything is connected: Your projects, processes, chats, tasks, assets, clients, documents, and all other business data. They should no longer be buried in different tools, platforms, or spreadsheets. With Zenkit Base, you can now connect all your important information and use the synergies between them.

Build. Grow. Reshape. Repeat.

As an organization, you are constantly changing to adapt to the current situation. With Zenkit Base, you will never have to switch your information platform again. Zenkit was designed for ongoing, iterative transformation.

Just imagine: No more learning and onboarding efforts for your team members, no more switching costs and risks.

The Zenkit Suite

Zenkit Base is the central member of the Zenkit product Suite. All products deeply integrate with Zenkit Base and with each other. In fact, they all share one single data platform.

Seeing is believing

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