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Zenkit Security

We use Zenkit every day to interact with you, our customer, and to continue to develop Zenkit itself. We take the utmost care to protect the data entrusted to Zenkit, because if your data is at risk, so is ours. Protecting your data and ours is therefore our highest priority.

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Zenkit Web App Security

Web traffic to Zenkit runs on SSL/TLS/HTTPS, the most common and trusted communications protocol on the internet. We have automatic backups of all Zenkit data completed on a daily basis. Zenkit uses Amazon Web Services which are based in Frankfurt, Germany.

In the interests of complying with the GDPR and the BDSG, we have signed a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with our third party data processors. We are fully compliant with these regulations, and you can learn more about our practices at https://zenkit.com/en/gdpr.

Data Center Security

Amazon Web Services (RDS & S3) employs a robust physical security program with multiple certifications, including an SSAE 16 and ISO27001 certification. Amazon has built in redundancies and continually monitored servers. For more information on Amazon’s physical security processes, please visit aws.amazon.com/security.

Zenkit ISO Certified Servers


  • Web connections to Zenkit are secured via TSL 1.2
  • Insecure connections are not allowed using TSL 1.0 or below, as well as RC4
  • All passwords are encrypted

Security Features

  • No guest access allowed: This means that each user needs an account for access
  • No external file sharing allowed: Generated links to files aren’t sharable
  • Google and native authorization supported

Your Data is Yours

We know there are a lot of companies that collect data to make money. That’s not us. We want you to be productive. If that is with us, great! If you want to take your data with you to another service, we’ll be sad, but you can export it all and take it with you. You can also completely remove all of your data from our servers in compliance with GDPR.

Contact Us

If you have a security concern, please contact us at: security@zenkit.com

Encrypted Passwords
Native 2 Factor Authentication
Google 2FA Supported
File Access Management
Regular backups on a separate server
Single Sign On
Identity and Access Management
Intrusion Detection SystemPlanned

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