Learn the Zenkit basics and get a comprehensive overview of key features

Learn about collections, fields, and the Zenkit views in this introductory video.

An introduction to Zenkit for Trello users. How to import your Trello data, and an outline of the main benefits of making the switch.

A quick guide to the custom fields available in Zenkit.


In-depth walkthroughs of the various views available in Zenkit

A quick walk through of all the kanban-related features inside the Zenkit app.

A quick guide to the features of Zenkit’s table view.

How to use Zenkit’s date field and calendar view.

A guide to the features of Zenkit’s list view.

A guide to using Zenkit’s mindmap view.

Advanced Features

Learn about some of Zenkit's more complex features

How to add team members to teams and collections, and how to view activities and add comments.

A quick guide to setting up formula fields in Zenkit.

A guide to setting up references between collections, and using them in aggregation formulas.

How to use bulk actions to get more done, faster with Zenkit.

How to move collections between teams, and items between collections.

A quick guide to customizing Zenkit’s profile settings, password settings & background options.

A short look at how to use Zenkit’s filter feature.

Learn how to convert different field types in Zenkit.

Zoom in on items to view more detail, or keep your workspace clean and simple. Learn how to zoom in on items, and change the order in which fields appear.

Learn how to use custom collection icons to make your collections stand out in Zenkit.

A quick guide to managing files in Zenkit using file fields.

A short guide to creating custom backgrounds and the different item types and themes.