The team chat with built-in task management.

Group Chats

Chat with groups of up to 2000 people.

Personal Chats

Personal 1:1 chats for private messaging.

Audio and Video Messages

Record and send audio and video messages from any device.


Broadcast to your team and get 1:1 replies. Ideal for voting and other organizing events.

Audio Calls

Use Zenchat for your audio phone calls.

Video Calls

Use Zenchat for your video calls.


Search in chats and files instantly.


Add drawings and graphical annotations to every file or comment.


Add own simple drawings and illustrations everywhere: in comments, or as files.

Task management

Tasks are no longer buried within endless chat threads.

Built-in Task Management

Create and organize tasks directly within your chat groups.


Audio and video files can be attached to tasks automatically.

Task Chats

Tasks can have their dedicated chats too, so task related info is not lost in group or project chats.


Tasks have reminders - use your chat like a personal assistant.

Advanced Features

The Zenkit platform offers additional features for Zenchat

Offline Support

All data and chats are available offline.

Dark Mode

And many more backgrounds for a personal experience.

Email to Chat

You can email messages to a chat or add tasks to a chat via email.

Zenkit Suite

Zenchat is deeply integrated within the Zenkit platform

Topic Chats

Chat about any data in any Zenkit product (customers, bugs & features, etc.)

Task Lists

All task lists of Zenchat can also be organized in Zenkit To Do or as a Kanban or Gantt chart in Zenkit Base.

Enterprise Features

All Zenkit Products are Enterprise-ready for organizations of any size.

User Restrictions

Control who has access to and who can be invited to chats with organizational restrictions - for high-end privacy scenarios.

Advanced Administration

Use SAML-based SSO, manage users with provisioning, and monitor and audit user activities with Organizations.

2 Factor Authentication

Make sure your account is secure with two factor authentication. Available for all Zenkit users.

User Roles & Groups

Assign roles to users to enhance the security of your work and boost your team's productivity.

SCIM Provisioning

Use SCIM Providers like MS Azure AD to automatically keep your users in sync with the rest of your infrastructure.


Zenchat is available on almost any system - Beautiful, distraction-free, and on your favorite device







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