Zenkit launches major list and collaboration updates to take on industry leaders

Wunderlist-like features available for all users today

Thursday, October 12th, 2017 – Karlsruhe, Germany:
German software producer Axonic is changing how online project management solutions are built. With its newest tool Zenkit, the company has successfully made a big step towards its overall aim of creating the first truly flexible project management platform.

New to the Zenkit family of features are the adapted versions of the most famous project management solutions around: Trello and Wunderlist. Trello popularized Kanban-style workflows for online project management. Zenkit has already integrated Kanban into the application. Features such as favorites and strikethrough tasks were popularized by Wunderlist, a list making app also built in Germany. Wunderlist was acquired by Microsoft in 2012. According to techcrunch.com, Microsoft has stated that Wunderlist will soon be retired to be replaced by an alternative called “ToDo”. With this release, Zenkit will cover both feature sets of both Kanban and list in a single tool. This will help Zenkit expand its user base even further and, at the same time, provide Kanban Board and Task List enthusiasts with a fully customizable solution with the possibility to make use of additional features.

Included in the update is “My Favorites”, which gives the user the power to mark items across their profile to be be viewed in one place. “My Teams” provides the user with a new place to view all items assigned to the user’s profile, as well as a way to view and assign items to team members. The self-explanatory “Task Management” add-on enables users to easily create, edit, and share to-do lists. Also, users can now import their lists directly from their Wunderlist account.

Axonic Founder and CEO Martin Welker is positive about the benefit to the users of both list style apps and traditional Kanban apps. “Companies have a huge variety of tools to choose from. All of the available tools on the market have very different and specific features. We believe that, especially in the project management sector, people should have the power to decide which feature is best suited for their current situation and workflow. Users should be able to switch between these features when needed, without needing to constantly switch between software tools. With Zenkit we aim to provide the user with this flexibility in order to encourage creativity and customization.”

“When Microsoft said that they were going to retire Wunderlist, we decided that we should add those features into Zenkit, too. I’m very excited with how it turned out. For the first time ever, users can switch between lists and Kanban boards without losing any information. Now we can all finally get along.”

Zenkit has recently released its iOS app, and plans to release an Android app later this year. In the long run, Axonic plans to expand the variety of enterprise features available in Zenkit in order to enable businesses to build custom tools to run their companies on.

About Zenkit:
Zenkit is a project management and database building platform created by Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH in Germany. It was launched in October of 2016.

About Axonic:
Axonic Informationssysteme GmbH is a privately held software vendor focusing on technology concerning information, communication and recognition. The company is located in Karlsruhe, Germany and was founded by Martin Welker in 2003. Axonic has been successfully developing software in the areas of artificial intelligence, knowledge and information extraction for over a decade. Since 2002, their research has primarily been based on the area of “communication intelligence” – the analysis and presentation of communication. Axonic has released 6 major products that serve over 5,000,000 people around the world.

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