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Zenkit is the platform you’ve always wanted for your ideas, your projects, your business.

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Start with your favorite tool

Different tasks need different tools. And different people have different preferences. Kanban, spreadsheets, a basic list, a calendar, or even a mind map - It’s all included in Zenkit to make you feel at home from day one. No matter what stage you’re in, see your data in the best possible view.

Get the best of all worlds

A basic list lets you start simply. A Kanban board lets you intuitively manage your project. A spreadsheet is the most powerful way to manipulate data. A mind map shows you the big picture. Switch between tools when you need to, and make better decisions with a more holistic understanding of your data.

Grow step by step

Everything is connected. So is your data. Tasks, clients, features, bugs, invoices: Whatever you need to organize, you can now connect to use the synergies between them. Behind the surface, Zenkit is a complete database system. So it can be as powerful as you need it to be.