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The productivity software suite focused on your natural workflow.

The project management solution

The complete digital strategy for your organization - optimized for project management.

Super-simple task management

Need to get things done? Try our easy-to-use but super powerful task manager.

Private Beta

Chat + Tasks = Magic

Finally, a messaging app with built-in task management.

Coming 2020

Knowledge management

Notes, outlines, wikis, intranets, scripts, documentations - Hypernotes is the perfect tool to gather, connect, and understand your knowledge.

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A more intuitive workflow. More inspiration. Every day.

Welcome to productivity

We offer a suite of different products that all work seamlessly together. Each product is perfectly suited for a certain purpose to support your natural workflow. We believe: The more intuitively you can use your tools, the more motivation and inspiration you will have.

A better digitalization strategy

Based on many years in the productivity software industry, we realized something:

The answer to the ever-changing challenges of the future of work is not found in all-in-one-solution tools. They’re powerful, but they’re just too complicated for many team members. A mix of products from different vendors doesn’t solve this either: They’re easy to use but complex to integrate with each other.

To combine the best of both worlds we created the Zenkit Suite. Zenkit products are easy to use, and very powerful together. This leads to more intuitive workflows and more engagement from your whole team.

The Zenkit Universe

Every product can be used as a stand-alone solution. But the true power of the Zenkit Suite comes from the interaction between all products: All of them are deeply integrated with the Zenkit platform – in fact, they all share one single data basis.

This means: One organization. One login. One information platform. Every piece of information is instantly available on all Zenkit products – without any syncing trouble, or missing, obsolete, or duplicated data. E.g. tasks from Zenkit Base are also available in Zenkit To Do (Base’s little brother) and vice versa.

Zenkit делать


The Zenkit platform is an Enterprise-ready infrastructure, offering operational excellence for organizations of all sizes. Features include access-management (Roles, Groups), provisioning (SCIM), identity management (SAML, 2FA), audits, and more.

Integrate with over 1500 services

Of course, not every functionality can be covered by our products. But don’t worry, we can connect to more than 1500 services either via direct integration (e.g. Google Calendar) or via our partners (e.g. Zapier). There is always a way to embed the Zenkit Suite in your current environment.

Zenkit Experience

What will change when you work with the Zenkit Suite:

Less stress: Establishing and introducing new software, learning, building interaction with existing software, etc... That's all stressful and doesn’t contribute to your core business. This stress vanishes with Zenkit.
Fewer compromises: Which software do you buy? A single software product tends to have only some of your required features, or too many features. It's either too simple or too complicated. With the Zenkit suite, you get dedicated tools for your purposes.
Less confusion: When you choose more than one software from different vendors, you sometimes buy the same feature and data representation twice. So where to enter these data? In Zenkit this is done on one single platform.
Less administration: New software tools need new organization administration, new user management, new syncing challenges, new onboarding, and new training requirements. With Zenkit you do this centrally and only once.
More motivation: No more over-complicated all-in-one tools, no more dozens of tools to learn. No more struggling team members.
More synergies: Bring different areas of information on one platform and use the synergies between them.
Better decisions: Bring more information to your platform, and become better informed. Better information makes better decisions.
Faster onboarding: New tools require training. Having multiple tools means even more complexity for your team. With Zenkit, your team has to learn only one user interface, once.

Our long term Mission

We are committed to winning the hearts and the trust of our users – not market shares. We are committed to remaining independent – no acquisitions, no surprise shutdowns. We promise to be here as long as you need our products – free from 3rd party interests, free from secondary agendas.

Your data belong to you and only you. Built from the ground up with your security and privacy in mind by a European/German team. We provide the highest security standards, guaranteed GDPR compliance, and Europe-based servers.

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