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What's the Problem?

Managing Projects With a Tool That Makes You Work Even Harder?

It’s either a complicated tool that only 10% of your team knows how to use, or it’s a simple one that increases your workload.

Seems like there’s no in-between.

Problem #1

Simple tools are quickly outgrown.

  • Lots of manual work
  • Can’t keep up with fast growth
  • Have only some of the required features
Try Zenkit instead ->

Most management is done with other tools, or manually.

Problem #2

Complex tools that only 10% of the team can use.

  • Lots of busywork
  • Lack of accountability
  • Inefficient team collaboration
Try Zenkit instead ->

Most of the time is spent on busywork and micromanagement of the team.

How it works

Here’s How to Run Any Project or Methodology Without the Complexity

Change the workflow to fit your needs, add details, yet keep it simple so that everyone on your team can use it without training.

  • Adaptable for Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Lean, or your own methodologies.

Simple data migration

1-click migration from Trello, Asana or Microsoft To Do

EU GDPR compliant

All data is secured and stored within EU servers (Germany).

Dedicated support

Every support request is solved in less than 24 hours.

Alan Henry

“Minimal and distraction-free, but powerful under the hood.”

Alan Henry

Matthew Hughes

“Zenkit is a better Trello than Trello.”

Matthew Hughes

Curtis Silver

“Like you were using your Jedi powers to do it.”

Curtis Silver

Awarded and recommended as one of the top tools in the market

award google play
Step #1

Workflow setup

Start simple, add more on the go.

Zenkit is fully scalable and customizable, growing in complexity only on your terms, from a simple to-do list to an enterprise-ready solution.

  • Unlimited scalability

"Can product complexity be managed among team members?"

By assigning roles, you can choose who sees only simple to-do lists and who has full access to advanced features.

Step #2

Collaboration –

Perfect Team Collaboration in Every Task or Comment

  • Messages are no longer buried within endless chat threads
  • Keep chat threads inside tasks
  • Comment with audio or doodles

Christopher Reimann Founder OCR-Group

“It’s like having Slack within your tasks,
but more organized, with less distractions, and deeper work.”

Step #3

Resource Management

Full control over project workload.

With Zenkit resource management, it’s easy to manage if someone’s workload is too high or too low.

  • Filter workload by tasks, project or assignee
  • Identify resource needs in real-time

“Is there any scheduling of the workload?“

You can make project timelines, schedule tasks, and easily prioritize which team members and resources are required where.

Step #4


Get insights in real-time.

Get over 100 ready-made reports in a real-time dashboard, that you can customize to see reports by project, team, members or any other combination.

  • Live-report dashboard
  • No need to download docs to get reports and insights
Step #5

Data Migration

Start where you left off.

With native imports from Trello, Asana or Microsoft To Do, CSV imports or even API, your work can be migrated in minutes.

  • Seamless migration
  • No setup needed

“What if my team still needs additional guidance?”

You can always reach out for support or Book a Live Demo call, and our project management expert will help and solve the problem within a day.

Choose how the tool’s interface will look based on your experience

Same tasks, same everything, just a different interface - so anyone can use it.

Basic User

Without project management experience

basic user

Power User

With project management experience

Power user

“Finally, I have a tool that anyone in my team can use!”

Arthur Casals University Sao Paulo

Arthur Casals

Native add-ons

Add features at your team’s pace.
Zenkit Suite allows you to keep workspace clutter-free.

High privacy security

Fully GDPR compliant with Europe (Germany) based servers.

1500+ Zapier integrations

Integrate Zenkit with 1500+ tools and your existing software in just a few clicks via Zapier.

Works with 10+ Languages

The entire platform is fully translated in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and 6 more!

Dedicated Support

With support based in the EU, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll take care of anything you need.

  • Available 24/7
  • Dedicated project management expert
  • Every request is resolved within 24 hours.

Ready to simplify workflow and give your team a tool they can actually use?

Finally get a fast, distraction-free project management tool that can be started in minutes without training needed.

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A unique and powerful software suite to transform the way you work. See how our products works together:

Agile & Gantt Planning

Plan and manage your agile and classical projects. Faster. Stress-free.


Forms & Surveys

Create easy and powerful forms in minutes.


Messaging, Tasks & Sharing

Chat + Tasks = Magic. Finally, a messaging app with built-in task management.


Tasks & Reminders

Need to get things done? Try our easy-to-use but super powerful task manager.


Knowledge, Notes & Wiki

Create, share, and understand knowledge. The new home for your notes, outlines, wikis, intranets, scripts, documentations.


All-In-One Collaboration Platform

The complete platform for your digital transformation strategy