Success Story: Bäckerei Sipl

Bäckerei Sipl organizes important business processes more efficiently with Zenkit

Bäckerei Sipl GmbH is a family run, medium-sized bakery based in Bavaria, Germany established in 1914. Their philosophy is to produce every bread, roll, cake and pastry with love, care, and in the traditional way. With this philosophy in mind, they also guarantee no deep-frozen goods or pre-made baking will be sold. The brand is loved by many people and the company has established around 50 physical bakery stores so far. What are the secrets that made Bäckerei Sipl such a successful brand? Among many reasons, Franz Sipl, the owner of Bäckerei Sipl, is excited to share with us why Zenkit plays a crucial role in helping to run his business better.



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“Zenkit is a centralized place where we can organize important processes.”

It‘s no easy task to manage a brand with hundreds of employees. Needless to say, it‘s also challenging to keep track of every little aspect in the making of Bäckerei Sipl‘s high-quality products and services. Franz told us that after introducing Zenkit to his team one year ago, they‘ve been able to transfer the management of many things to Zenkit, due to its rich feature set.

Zenkit allows them to carry out quality assurance, applications & facility management, CRM, financial planning, meetings, car pool, task management, wikipedia for sales and production, internal chat, and many other vital processes for their operation.

As Bäckerei Sipl has 50 branches now, efficient communication is especially important for them. Here Franz kindly provided an example demonstrating how head office and different stores can communicate seamlessly with the help of Zenkit.

When it comes to running a bakery business, it’s essential to make sure that each machine and facility functions well. At Bäckerei Sipl, they have a Zenkit collection established exactly for this purpose. That means that when stores have an inquiry regarding equipment repair, they simply create a new item in this Zenkit collection. The head office can then easily review and assign responsible craftsmen to corresponding tasks. Once the repair is completed, each craftsman can easily tick the checkbox to mark the task as done.

As one can see in this example, with the help of Zenkit, the head office, stores, and craftsmen are always informed about what’s happening in a glance. Besides this, Franz also likes that each member was able to create their own views in the collection to suit their personal preferences without interfering with others’ workflow.

“Zenkit makes it easy to communicate between head office and different stores.”

“We shorten the time spent on problem solving with Zenkit.”

It would be naive to think that once Zenkit is implemented, an organization will never encounter any problems. In an ever-changing world, every business faces new and different issues here and there, no matter how wellprepared they are.

However, Franz takes on a positive view concerning problem solving. For him, solutions arise if you begin to deal with them. He pointed out that Zenkit makes it possible to digitize their processes, and with features such as “Email to collection” and “connecting with Zenchat” (another product within Zenkit Suite) they are able to save time from switching among different tools while trying to solve problems that come up. To conclude, Zenkit, as a well-designed digital solution, simply helps them handle business in a more efficient way!

Franz especially emphasized how Zenkit has facilitated their team collaboration by bringing transparency to their organization. Franz and his team manage extensive data everyday, which naturally makes them wonder whether important information might be buried in a flood of data and get lost. Naturally, the loss of data in this way is not desirable, as it would hinder the success of team communication and collaboration.

However, according to Franz, Zenkit makes it possible to bring massive data and process details together on one device. He added that team members are always well-informed because the data is represented meaningfully and appropriately with Zenkit.

Finally, Franz mentioned an important point that all businesses care about: the cost. Using Zenkit in a business is a cost efficient decision. As Franz concluded, Zenkit itself can replace many systems which are used in other companies. Therefore, if any business decides to use Zenkit, it also saves them from having to invest in many other tools!

“The transparency brought by Zenkit facilitates our team collaboration.”

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