Success Story: Marienhaus

Zenkit successfully supports the Marienhaus Group in response to the changing scenes in the medical sector as the Covid-19 pandemic develops

The Marienhaus Group, founded in 1863, is a social enterprise with Christian roots. It provides social facilities, including hospitals and facilities for the elderly, outpatient and inpatient hospices, child and youth welfare, and educational institutions for the people in need. Apart from the corporate headquarters in Waldbreitbach in Rhineland-Palatinate, they also operate with facilities in southern North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate, and Saarland, with around 13,000 employees. Managing hospitals and facilities across three states is a critical and difficult task in and of itself. Needless to say, the workload of employees in the Marienhaus Group, like that of many other hospitals and medical institutions, has been significantly increased as a result of all the necessary and complex measures in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this success story, Andreas Tecklenburg, Managing Director and Chief Medical Director of the Marienhaus Group, will share with us how the Zenkit Suite, as a collaboration solution, has played in helping them continue their great work, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic.


approx. 13,000 employees

Projects, To Do, Zenchat & Base

Project Management and Project Communication

“Zenkit is the real-time collaboration platform which helps the entire team to keep track of the medical resources at all times.”

By all means, the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted thousands of millions of lives worldwide since the end of 2019. Without a doubt, all sectors have been influenced, including private individuals, businesses, educational institutions, and many more. Nonetheless, everyone would agree that those in the medical industry and vulnerable populations are the most directly impacted. As a result, it‘s easy to imagine that the Marienhaus Group needed to find a way to quickly adapt to new governmental policies, surging demand for medical assistance, and a slew of other new challenges.

For example, in order to organize all of the medical resources in the Marienhaus Group, it is critical that they document the capacity in terms of intensive care and regular ward units in clinics and senior facilities. As a result, the precise number of available units must be recorded daily and easily updated. This is when Zenkit comes into play, making running daily reports a breeze. Regardless of which hospital each manager works at, they can access the tool on-site and efficiently document the exact number of units. That being said, the implementation of Zenkit Base as their real-time collaboration platform has enabled the entire team to keep track of overall resources at all times, allowing them to adjust patient allocation accordingly.

Andreas Tecklenburg,
Managing Director and Chief Medical Director

The Covid-19 pandemic has highly affected all parts of society and life in general. German hospitals were particularly affected in the first waves, both in normal wards and intensive care units. The hospitals of the Marienhaus Group had an above-average burden at some sites.

In order to have an exact overview of the available capacities in our intensive care units at all times, a tool was created with Zenkit Base, with which the respective site managers documented the capacities in normal wards and intensive care units by 9:00 am. This gave management an accurate overview of occupancy at all times.

At the end of 2021, the Marienhaus Group then participated in the general vaccination campaign with vaccination centers. Within a very short time, the Zenkit tool for recording Corona status was expanded to record vaccination activity. This enabled us to provide information on the number of vaccinated citizens in our hospitals at any time, both internally and for the public. In another project, we used Zenkit Base to track tasks and activities in the individual divisions of the group.

“Products in the Zenkit Suite are intertwined smartly.”

At first, the Marienhaus Group was in search of a tool which would allow employees to effectively collaborate with one another remotely, due to the fact that they have various hospitals and facilities distributed across three German states. It was critical to them that the tool be easily accessible to employees and that they could quickly get started with it. Ultimately, the Zenkit Suite stood out, not only because the Suite has an easy-to-use interface, but also because the different products in the Zenkit Suite are cleverly intertwined.

Various Zenkit Suite products were introduced and used on a daily basis in the Marienhaus Group for specific purposes. Obviously, they used Zenkit Projects for project management, Zenkit To Do for simple task management, Zenchat for communication among individuals and teams, and Zenkit Base for task and activity tracking. According to Mr. Tecklenburg‘s feedback, they appreciate how well each product integrates with the others. For example, the Zenkit Project‘s content can be instantly mapped using Zenkit Base. Each individual can then access and view the data in Base based on their needs and roles. This enables their large teams to work in a simple and intuitive environment without the users noticing any transitions or connections between tools.

When it comes to decision making, the „agility“ and “dynamics” were pointed out as the main reasons which made them decide to go for the Zenkit Suite solution in the first place. They mentioned that Zenkit Projects, for example, provides a wealth of project controls, such as a smart view that displays an overview of open to-dos across all projects and a field to specify the required time (i.e. workload) of each task. Furthermore, they find it useful that Zenkit gives each user the freedom to easily design their own suitable or required workplace, such as by applying different views of the same database or by utilizing the filter function without it being displayed to all collection members. Overall, they concluded that working with Zenkit and the Support team was always simple and straightforward.

To other organizations that may be considering using Zenkit as their collaborative and digitalization platform, Mr. Tecklenburg shared that after the Suite was introduced to the Marienhaus Group, they saw significant improvements in their team. The benefits include improved team communication, increased transparency among hospitals, increased employee commitment, and successful implementation of critical projects. Furthermore, their experience with Zenkit demonstrates that redefining processes and keeping track of critical resources in a timely manner can be so easy! Mr. Tecklenburg believes that anyone who wants to improve collaboration, whether in a team, several project groups, or simply among employees, can do so easily with Zenkit!

“Zenkit offers agility and dynamics to users with its rich project control features and individual options.”

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