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Google Calendar & Zenkit To Do

Connect your Zenkit To Do and Google Calendar accounts

If you already use Google Calendar to schedule meetings or events and use Zenkit To Do for task management, our Google calendar synchronization could be very helpful for you!

Just picture it: you’ve already organized private events and appointments with Google Calendar, but need to plan your tasks or projects in Zenkit To Do. Without clearly knowing what private appointments you have, your appointments could clash with your projects. What’s worse? You might over or underestimate your workload, which prevents you from achieving your goals effectively.

Wouldn’t it be smart to have all appointments displayed in one place, so you have a clear overview of all of your plans? This Zenkit add-on connects your collections with Google Calendar directly, allowing you to keep your calendars in sync, and add new tasks or events to the calendar you use most.

About Google Calendar: Online Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar that connects directly to your Google account. It allows you to quickly schedule meetings and events, and get reminders for upcoming activities. You can easily customize your calendar by managing event notifications, choosing your calendar view or changing the look. Visit Google Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/.

About Zenkit To Do: Online Task Management

Zenkit To do is a task list app designed to simplify your daily task management. With a beautiful, intuitive design, smart lists, reminders, and more, it enables you to collaborate with your team, family, and friends, wherever you are. Zenkit To Do is available online and from the App Store and Play Store.

As part of the Zenkit Suite family, Zenkit To Do integrates seamlessly with all other Zenkit apps. For more information, visit: https://zenkit.com/todo.

How to connect Google Calendar and Zenkit To Do?

  1. Sign up for a Google account to get access to Google Calendar.
  2. Open the Zenkit To Do collection you would like to connect to Google Calendar.
  3. Click on the collection name, then go to the ‘Manage Add-Ons’ tab.
  4. Click ‘Add’ next to ‘Calendar Synchronization’.
  5. Follow the steps in the connection wizard to connect your calendars.

Who will benefit from this Google Calendar and Zenkit To Do integration?

  • Zenkit To Do lovers who wish to release the power of this task management tool with useful add-ons.
  • People who use multiple calendars and want to gain an integrated overview of different tools.

Additional Integration Details

  • This integration is supported by Zenkit. Learn more about the Google Calendar sync in our Knowledge Base. If you experience any problems, please contact Zenkit support.