Zenkit Debuts “Projects” - A New Comprehensive Task Management Tool for Enterprises

Innovative and highly customizable project management app added to Zenkit Suite

August 08 2021 – Karlsruhe, Germany: Axonic, the maker behind Zenkit’s suite of task and chat apps today announces the release of “Projects”, the fifth product to join the growing list of other popular productivity and collaboration tools used by consumers and enterprises. “Projects” provides connected teams and workplaces with a comprehensive set of features that help manage and save time, hit deadlines, and delegate and track tasks to stay on schedule and avoid losing work and information.

Building off of Zenkit Base, the first of Axonic’s apps that provides a digital transformation platform, “Projects” is helping workplaces avoid silos and interdepartmental communication that prevents the collaboration necessary for companies to truly thrive. “Projects” is a software designed purely for enhanced project management. Users can personalize their dashboards and manage projects using a variety of methodologies, whether that be Agile, Kanban, or Waterfall – as well as quickly switch between them at any time. It is designed for ease-of use, with powerful cutting-edge features that enable users to quickly analyze and improve projects and processes, and focus on finishing important tasks.

“In the 5 years since we launched Zenkit, we’ve had the privilege to learn a lot about project management. We are proud to say that Projects is the perfect trade-off between simplicity and functionality,” says Martin Welker, CEO at Axonic. “Projects” was built to deliver professional high level functionalities but also a light-weight experience to help make delivering projects more seamless. Teams will get a better overview of performance across multiple projects if they run several initiatives at once – for planning, execution, and delivering on business goals and milestones.”

Projects comes with unique features and enhancements including:

  • A dynamic dashboard displaying personal and team tasks and progress across all projects.
  • Global smart views: Kanban board, task list, calendar views, and daily and weekly agendas
  • A global resource planner to manage cross-project workloads.
  • Resource planning and management in Gantt charts.
  • Grouping, sorting, and filtering in global views and reports.
  • Custom reports with over 720 different configuration options.
  • Multiple ways to work on projects, including Gantt, Kanban, calendar and hierarchy views.

As with all products in the Zenkit Suite, “Projects” is enterprise-ready and GDPR compliant. To learn more about Projects, please visit https://zenkit.com/projects. To use the Projects app, visit: web, or download to iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, or Linux after release.