Create a Kanban Board to Manage Your Projects

A visual way to watch your projects progress, intuitively categorize tasks and move them from to-do to done

Organize by Any Category

Choose how you view your kanban lists to match your needs. View tasks by progress, priority, location, task type, and more. Switch at any time.

Swimlanes and Rows

Use any label or member field to sort your kanban board horizontally and vertically. View progress by team member or create a priority matrix.

Track Collaborations

View tasks by who they’re assigned to. Easily switch assignments by dragging and dropping tasks from one team member to the next.

What Makes Zenkit Kanban Boards Different?

Most Kanban boards are an excellent way to visually track project progress, spot bottlenecks, and plan progress. But what if you’d rather see your tasks categorized by priority? Or you want an intuitive overview of who’s doing what?

In Zenkit, you can always change how your Kanban board is displayed. Choose which category to sort lists by. Add swimlanes to create a matrix. View as much or little information as you want.

Zenkit is also an easy-to-use workflow software. You can create your own custom workflows and even workflow templates, whether you use a sequential workflow or something more complex, Zenkit can handle it with its flexible Kanban view.

Trusted by Thousands of Teams Around the World

Never waste time searching through emails, switching between apps, and duplicating work again. Track all of your projects in one place with Zenkit.

Don’t change the way you work to fit your tools. Work with a tool that changes to fit your workflow, your team, and your projects.

Use a tool that not only helps you manage your projects but makes it easy to manage every aspect of your business.

Work with the Tools You Already Use

Zenkit can send and receive information from other apps you use, so your work is finally all in one place. Thanks to Zapier, Zenkit can connect with over 1000 other services.

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