Why Zenkit To Do is the Best Wunderlist Alternative

Make the switch today and enjoy features you already know and love, plus more!

With Zenkit, we’ve developed an online project management solution that can enhance conceptualization, planning, and task organization. Our separate, dedicated task manager, Zenkit To Do offers the same features and capabilities that Wunderlist once did, plus more!

Create daily task lists, shopping lists, or simply have a place to store your ideas. Zenkit To Do is designed with both professional and personal to-do list enthusiasts in mind, making it the best Wunderlist alternative.

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Your Favorite Features

Similar to Wunderlist, users can mark items as starred, use shortcuts, set due dates, create reminders, attach files, and assign tasks.

Prioritize with Labels

Just like Wunderlist’s tags, you can create labels to further prioritize your tasks, categorize items, or simply track progress. (Currently available in Zenkit Base.)

Turn Your Emails into To-Dos

Our ‘mail to Zenkit‘ feature allows you to send emails and their attachments straight into your Zenkit list to turn into a new item.

Duplicate Lists

Save time by duplicating lists you regularly use. You’ll no longer have to re-write the same text over and over.

Collaborate with Your Team

Share your lists and collaborate with team members on projects in real-time. You can also control how much content each person can edit.

Work Across Platforms

Access your list anywhere, online or offline. Zenkit Base and Zenkit To Do are available on iOS and Android, on web and mobile browsers, and via our desktop app for macOS, Windows, and Linux.

Connect with Apps You Love

Zenkit gives you the chance to connect with your favorite apps. From Google Drive to Slack, integrations can help you be more productive.

Direct Import

Import your existing lists directly into Zenkit To Do. Import all of your lists with task completion and favorites intact with just a few clicks!

Basic Task Management Wunderlist Zenkit To Do
Due Dates
List Duplication
List Grouping In Folders
List View
Advanced Task Management Wunderlist Zenkit To Do
Zenkit Suite Wunderlist Zenkit To Do
Dedicated Digital Transformation Platform
Dedicated Chat App
Dedicated Note App
Dedicated Project Management App
Bulk Actions
Custom Fields
Formulas & Aggregations
Show in Calendar
Show in Gantt Charts
Show in Kanban
Show in Mindmap
Show in Wiki
Switching Views
3 Zenkit Suite Connections
30 Zenkit Suite Connections
Technology & Data Protection Wunderlist Zenkit To Do
Platforms iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web Browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux Apps and Web Browser
Hosted in Germany

Simple and with style

“Absolutely love it! Design, functionality, all in one. Simple, intuitive interface. And best of all – design. Thank you Zenkit. After Wunderlist, Todoist, Asana, Google, Remember the Milk, and other big projects, this is a piece of gold. My last platform was Trello and best part is that I can sync all my boards from Trello to Zenkit. So excited. Finally I can work simply and with style.” – Ilya Savelyev

A great Wunderlist alternative

“Best organisation app if you’re looking for something special and not found it. You have a lot of possibilities. I replaced Wunderlist, 2do, Google calendar with this.” – Dawid Pietruszka

Wunderlist on steroids

“I’ve tried several apps to manage project jobs for a design studio, and many of them felt short. Then came Zenkit. It’s like Trello, Wunderlist, Google Calendar, and many other services, on steroids. The fact that it enables you to customize every single form, every label, is perfect. It’s versatile, highly scalable, and can be molded into a powerful tool for many uses.” – Travisbrowny2


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