Zenkit To Do as a Microsoft To Do Alternative

Microsoft To Do is a cloud-based task management application. It allows teams to manage their daily tasks. Although some team members may require only a simple task management tool, what if others require a more powerful platform for managing a complex project?

This is why we’ve created the Zenkit Suite, including Zenkit To Do (task management tool) and the original Zenkit Base (project management tool). Our Zenkit To Do app is fully integrated with Zenkit Base. That means team members can work on their tasks in the to-do app and managers can use sophisticated views for more complex project management purposes.

With Zenkit, we’ve developed an easy to use, yet powerful Suite that evolves and adapts to your needs! If you are looking for a full-featured alternative to Microsoft To Do, give Zenkit To Do a try!

Feature Microsoft To Do Zenkit To Do
Dark Mode
Global Search
File Attachment
MS Outlook Integration
Print Lists
Progress Bar
Recurring Tasks
Task Sharing
Dedicated Project Management App
Dedicated Chat App
View Switching
Bulk Actions
Custom Fields
Show in Calendar
Show in Gantt
Show in Kanban
Show in Mindmap
Show in Wiki
3 Zenkit Universe Connections
30 Zenkit Universe Connections
Technology & Data Protection
Platforms iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web Browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux Apps and Web Browser
Hosted in Germany

Pros and Cons

Pros MS To Do

  • Sync with MS Outlook
  • Reminders and due dates
  • Color-coded lists

Cons MS To Do

  • No team tasks
  • Not progress bar for subtasks tracking
  • Not suitable for advanced projects

Pros Zenkit

  • Collaborative features
  • Wide range of data views
  • Similar UI design to Wunderlist

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