ClicData & Zenkit

Connect your Zenkit and ClicData accounts

If you built a database using Zenkit and are searching for a reporting solution to visualize that data, the integration between Zenkit and ClicData may just be what you’re looking for.

Regardless of whether the data you stored in Zenkit is sales figures, invoicing dates, or even geography details, you can easily build a customized and engaging dashboard to showcase it. This can help to bring new insights to your data and can allow you to analyze it differently.

A great thing about this integration is that after building the connection to send Zenkit data to ClicData once, it will then run automatically to refresh your report with the most up-to-date information!

About ClicData: Dashboard and Reporting Software

ClicData is a cloud-based business intelligence and data management platform. It has everything you need for your business reporting, including:

  • Data connection: Connect data from over 250 data sources using connectors or through API.
  • Data management: Centralize your data in a built-in data warehouse and convert it with the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) features.
  • Automation: Set up your data refresh schedules and alerts once, then you won’t have to worry about it anymore.
  • Data visualization: Build interactive dashboards with a drag-and-drop dashboard designer feature and over 70 widgets.
  • Collaboration: Share your live dashboards with your team and customers with a simple link or in automated emails.

To learn more about this dashboard and reporting software, sign up for a ClicData free trial here: https://app.clicdata.com/signup.

About Zenkit: Online Project Management

Zenkit is a user-friendly, collaborative tool for project management, database building, and more. It allows you to switch views (table, to-do list, Kanban, calendar, hierarchy, and mind map) in one click. You can share your work online with published and embedded collections, and build integrations with our documented API. Zenkit is flexible enough to fit any workflow and powerful enough to run your business on. Create your free account: https://zenkit.com/register.

How to connect ClicData and Zenkit?

This integration includes only two steps!

Step 1: Automatically send data from a Zenkit collection to Google Sheets via Zapier.

  • Create a checkbox field in your Zenkit collection. In this sample collection, we named it “Sync to Google Sheets”.
  • Sign into your Google Sheets account and create a sheet with the same columns as your Zenkit collection.
  • Sign up for a Zapier account and build a Zapier Zap. Please follow the instructions in the setup page (note: choose “Item value changed” as the Zenkit trigger, and choose “Update spreadsheet row” as the Google Sheets action).
  • After you turn the Zap on, for every checkbox you tick in your Zenkit collection, those item details will be sent to update or create a new row in Google Sheets.

Step 2: Connect Google Sheets with ClicData.

  • Sign up for a ClicData account.
  • Add the Google Sheets document as the data source to ClicData and create your customized dashboard.

Who will benefit from this ClicData and Zenkit integration?

  • Project managers who wish to easily build visualized and interactive reports with data stored in Zenkit.
  • Data analysts who want to optimize their business dashboards in order to carry out an accurate and in-depth analysis.

Additional Integration Details

  • Supported by Zapier: Please contact Zapier support if you experience any problems.
  • For more information on how to use Zenkit with Zapier, please read our documentation.
  • You can click here to see the sample Zenkit collection and click here for the sample ClicData dashboard.