Success Story: AWO in Gießen

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband (AWO) in Gießen cuts time spent managing projects with Zenkit

AWO in Gießen is a local member of the German registered non-profit organization, Arbeiterwohlfahrt Bundesverband (AWO). They provide welfare services and support senior citizens and children in need with compassion and respect.
To ensure an optimal workflow for running various events and projects, AWO in Gießen has used our project management solution, Zenkit Base, in their team for over 2 years. Today, Roland Scheld, their Head of Senior Citizens Department & Innovation Management, will share the story of how Zenkit has helped them optimize their processes and improve their service to the community.



2 years using
Zenkit Base

Project management, task management
and relational database

“Managing complex projects on one platform is easy with Zenkit’s rich views.”

AWO in Gießen primarily use Zenkit Base to help them overcome the challenges faced in managing multiple projects simultaneously. Roland indicated that Zenkit’s varied and rich views have enabled them to conduct their projects more successfully.

To carry out their projects, AWO in Gießen have created various essential collections in Zenkit, including project plans, a team member directory, a global project calendar, and a project file & document archive. With each collection, they’re able to choose a suitable view to display its data.

For instance, because the Wiki view provides a clear way to structure information and bring every team member on the same page, the Wiki view is used for their project & subproject plans, and project topics collections, where a clear and thorough understanding of the material is essential. Meanwhile, they consider the list view more suitable for the team member directory and the project file and document archive, since the information doesn’t need to be so structured and can be easily searched and filtered. Last but not least, when dealing with day-to-day task and project management, the Kanban view helps them easily visualize and track tasks under different stages.

With Zenkit’s rich views, AWO in Gießen don’t have to compromise by trying to fit all of their data into one fixed structure, or use many different tools to achieve the same success.

In order to manage their various projects, databases, and team wikis, AWO in Gießen use multiple collections separated by purpose-specific workspaces. The team makes considerable use of Zenkit’s reference feature to connect different but relevant collections with each other.

For instance, they link their project plan collection to the project tasks collection, so they always can track precisely which part of the plan a task contributes to. In this way, they’re able to closely track the progress of various projects without cluttering their plan overviews with minor tasks and to-dos.

Of course, the reference feature is just one of many powerful Zenkit features. Other features, such as the aggregation of referenced items across collections, are also specifically mentioned. Roland also pointed out that the intuitive and user-friendly design of the UI makes it easy for the team to create the small databases they need to build to keep their projects running smoothly.

“The reference feature stood out as it helps us to cleverly connect different collections.”

“Zenkit allows us to quickly gain a clear overview by automa- tically calculating the numerical data.”

Employees in AWO in Gießen log their time spent working on each project in Zenkit. With the help of Zenkit’s aggregation and formula functions, the total time spent on a project, breakdown of hours per employee, hours per task, and much more are calculated automatically. This means that managers can have a quick overview of these figures without having to manually calculate them, or depend on external reporting software.

Thanks to the clarity delivered by these functions, AWO in Gießen’s project managers are able to track their projects, and plan and reallocate resources more efficiently.

Last but not least, Roland concluded that utilizing Zenkit results in reducing both the planned and actual time spent on entire projects. He attributed this achievement to Zenkit, since Zenkit brings clarity and simplicity into each stage of their project management. That includes the monitoring and improving of processes, and the reduction of time spent for planning, executing, monitoring, revising to finally closing projects. With its powerful yet easy-to-use features, AWO in Gießen found Zenkit the ideal tool to improve their work efficiency and stay productive!

“We improve our team’s time management with Zenkit.”

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