Zenforms as a Typeform Alternative

Typeform is a Spanish web-based solution that aims to help you create forms, surveys and quizzes

Use pre-existing data to build a survey? Check.

Be totally GDPR & data privacy compliant? Check & check.

How about combining powerful data management and database-building tools on a single platform – without the risk of lost or duplicated data? Check, check & check.

Here’s what else sets Zenforms apart from Typeform as a no-code webform alternative:

Feature Typeform Zenforms
Active Development
Activity Tracking
Additional Response Package Addon
Comments & Mentions Paid feature
Dark Mode
Email Confirmations
File Attachment
Multiple Choices
Offline Access
Real-Time Collaboration
Responses per month 10 100
SCIM Provisioning
Scheduling Resources Integration required
Text, Date, and Number Inputs
Use Data from Existing Collections
User Roles Plus Paid feature
Zenkit Suite Typeform Zenforms
Dedicated Digital Transformation Platform
Dedicated To Do App
Dedicated Chat App
Dedicated Note App
Dedicated Project Management App
Bulk Actions
Custom Fields
Show in Calendar View
Show in Gantt View
Show in Kanban View
Show in Mindmap View
Show in Wiki View
3 Zenkit Suite Connections
30 Zenkit Suite Connections Plus
Technology & Data Protection Typeform Zenforms
Two-Factor Authentication
GDPR Compliant
Platforms Web Browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux Apps and Web Browser
Hosted in Germany

Pros: Typeform

  • A range of useful templates available
  • Results summary generation
  • Published API available for customization

Cons: Typeform

  • Limited features on mobile devices
  • Low response limit
  • No signature

Pros: Zenforms

  • Available across multiple platforms
  • Duplicated submission check
  • Data secure

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