A new way of knowledge management. Remote, mobile or within the office.


Hypernotes structures your text in a hierarchical form. From concepts into details. Every piece of text ("block") can be opened in a full-page view, so you can always focus on the level of detail you want to work on.

Bi-directional linking

Like Hyperlinks on a webpage, you can connect pages and blocks with each other (that why we named our tool Hypernotes.) You can to this simply by using the #-symbol. Hypernotes automatically keeps track of all references you create between pages so you can always jump to related information.

Semantic Graph

Hypernotes visualizes semantic concepts in different graph representations for more intuitive understanding.

Real time collaboration

Invite colleagues, freelancers, and co-workers to collaborate with you on your projects.

Rich text, HTML & markdown

Hypernotes simple rich text editor lets you create beautiful text to enhance your work. Use HTML, markdown, or basic text to make your words stand out.

Offline Support

Use Hypernotes on the go, whether you have an internet connection or not! Offline mode is also supported in the web version.

File sharing

Share documents and images from your desktop, or from your favorite cloud storage services - with full offline support.


Mark important items as a favorite so you can access them in a snap or even tag them into groups.

Activity tracking

Watch activities as they occur. See everything that's going on in your teams, collections, and even individual items.


Let notifications help rather than distract you. Customize your notifications to get the information you need, when and where you need it.


For keyboard based working: Quickly add items, move mind map branches, add labels, and so much more with Zenkit shortcuts.


You can comment on every page and every block with your team.


Need to immediately notify other team members about an important update? Use @mentions to ping your colleagues and bring relevant team members into the conversation.

Latex Support

Writing beautiful formulas and scientific expressions is an important part of writing technical content.

Zapier integration

Integrate with over 1000 of your favorite apps and services with Zenkit's Zapier integration. Zapbook

Custom Backgrounds

Customize Zenkit to suit you and your team. Add your own backgrounds and images with an upgrade to Zenkit Plus.


(Coming soon) See and compare different text versions.

Email to Notebook

(Coming soon) Email a task to Zenkit directly and assign tasks via a unique email address. Create new items from your inbox.

Presentation mode

(Coming soon) See your text in full-screen mode for better presentations.

Microsoft Teams Integration

(Coming soon) Full-integrated into Microsoft Teams.

Task Management

Hypernotes has a built-in task management for collaborative working


You can add tasks to every page and every block you are creating. A global task list aggregates every task within a notebook.


Schedule and track complex projects on a clear timeline, with lag & lead, milestones, critical path, and more!


Use a checklist to add sub-tasks to your tasks. Track progress visually and mark things off as they're done.

Assign tasks

Easily delegate tasks by assigning them to your team members. Notify them as soon as a new task needs their attention.

Enterprise Features

All Zenkit Products are Enterprise ready for organizations of any size.

Advanced Administration

Use SAML-based SSO, manage users with provisioning, and monitor and audit user activities with Organizations.

2 Factor Authentication

Make sure your account is secure with two factor authentication. Available for all Zenkit users.

User Roles & Groups

Assign roles to users to enhance the security of your work and boost your team's productivity.

SCIM Provisioning

Use SCIM-Provider like MS Azure AD to automatically keep your users in sync with the rest of your infrastructure.


Access everything via our API.


Zenkit is available on almost any platform - Beautiful, distraction-free, on your favorite device.







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