When to Use Hypernotes?

Hypernotes can be used in almost infinite scenarios


Build your own wiki for internal or public uses.

Knowledge Management

Create and publish your own knowledge base.

Mind Mapping

Visual creation and editing of your thoughts - on a whole new level.


Whatever you need to communication within your organisation, Hypernotes can document it.


Use Zenkit to create documations for your products, internal processes etc.

Personal Note-Taking

Whatever you want to me archived within your personal day, Hypernotes can store it perfectly.

Graph Database

Quickly build a flexible graph database to track anything: store information, manage inventory, create a wiki, and more.

Research Process

Build the foundation for your research work, collaborate with others

Digital Zettelkasten

German researcher Niklas Luhman invented his own "internet" called Zettelkastem. Hypernotes can be used as a digital form of Zettelkasten.

First Principles

Elon Musk is a famous fan of the "first principles" method. With Hypernotes you can structure your thoughts both hierarchically and connected. Perfect to represent your first principles method.


Structure your daily writings with Hypernotes integrated diary feature.


Structure, write, collaborate on you book projects

Second Brain

If you like the idea that your notes should follow the same prininciples as your brain, Hypernotes is for you: Non-linear, Hierachical, bi-directional - and mobile (because you can use your brain everywhere, right?).

Who Can Benefit from Zenkit?

Everyone, of course! But let's take a closer look:

Research Teams

Hypernotes has unique collaborative features which make it perfect for research teams.


If you are working alone on a research project, Hypernote can be your second brain to talk to.

Universities and Students

Organize your department, plan lectures, manage group projects, study for exams, or write your thesis online.

Product Managers

Document all necessary information about your product.

Start-ups and Entrepreneurs

Foster innovation and collaboration. Grow your business and your team with Zenkit.

Teachers and Schools

From university administration to lesson planning and student study plans, achieve anything with Hypernotes

Agile Development Teams

Perfect for documenting epics, milestones, features and bugs.