Zenkit – Your Digital Twin

What is a Digital Twin?

The term ‘digital twin’ is well understood in the industry sector. It is an exact digital replica of a physical asset or process, down to the very last screw.

Manufacturing, production, and industrial organizations already realize several benefits of having a digital twin for their physical assets: cost savings, better testing opportunities, optimized maintenance schedules, and smoother production schedules.

How Can a Digital Twin Benefit Me?

Can a similar digital twin concept be used to realize comparable efficiencies in business processes?

Currently, business information in organizations around the world is stored in multiple databases and silos: SAP, Trello, Google Drive, Salesforce, etc. This creates not a twin, but a crude amalgam that forms only a rough representation of your organization. You are forced to use tools the way they are built, rather than digitally reflecting how your business processes and workflows really are.

If your processes don’t conform to the software available, you either need to change how you run your business, or create your own custom software at great expense.

Zenkit is a new type of software that enables you to build a digital twin for your organization’s processes and workflows. It’s a digital twin solution that creates an accurate model of every aspect of your business, and allows you to track developments in real-time.

Your Digital Twin

With Zenkit, expensive custom software or awkward syncs between tools are a thing of the past. You can customize Zenkit to accurately rebuild your company’s processes and workflows, without having to write a single line of code.

Using innovative features and powerful database technology, you can easily build a digital twin to organize and connect each and every aspect of your business.

Build Your Own Systems

Build the tools you need, exactly as you want to use them. Each collection in Zenkit is totally custom – you define what information you want to track, how it’s laid out, who gets access to it, and more.

Totally custom fields mean you can bring each different area of your company together in one place: Customers, documents, invoices, projects, resources, events… Zenkit’s database technologies help you link these various aspects together to start using the enormous potential of synergy between them.

You can create ‘views’ of your data, so you always have the right tool for the job. Use a calendar to schedule tasks, see a Kanban board of only tasks assigned to you, or track important metrics using formulas in a table.

Zenkit can be a digital twin for anyone, any team, and any purpose.

Project Management

Collaborate on and track projects in real-time, assign tasks to team members, use comments and @mentions to discuss tasks and provide feedback. Work together on projects from any device, any time.

Customer Relationship Manager

Use Zenkit to store your customer data, track sales leads, manage your sales funnel, and help delight existing customers. Link your customers directly with their invoices, projects, and communications.

Content Management System

Easily attach documents from your desktop, or from your favorite document storage tools like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Box. Share documents with colleagues across departments, access notes, images, files anywhere, any time.

Human Resource Manager

Create and maintain a complete employee database, open channels for internal reporting and communication, create onboarding resources, manage job applications, record performance, manage salaries, and more.

Build Your Digital Twin Today!

Ask our team of experts how we can build your organization’s digital twin together!

The Future of Zenkit’s Digital Twin

We think long term. Our aim is not to be your twin for the next 10 years, but the next 100 or even 500! Our goal is for Zenkit to be a simple, friendly system that people can use to not only manage their business, but nearly every aspect of their lives. Not a product, but more of an underlying force, like air, water, electricity. We will work toward this goal by making interacting with Zenkit technology ever more seamless and integrated into your life.