What are the benefits of using online project management?

Thanks to technology, managing a project has never been easier. With computerized project management tools a-plenty, and project management apps available for almost any device, just about anyone can have access to intuitive and sophisticated software. I’ll elaborate, shall I?

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What Is Online Project Management?

Online project management software coordinates the planning, executing, and tracking of a project. Depending on how refined the software is, it can include but is not limited to, scheduling, resource allocation, budget control, quality management, and communication. It gives the project a set process, that product developers, facilitators, stakeholders, and others involved can follow to ensure product delivery is on time and meets expectations. The process can also be updated or changed along the way to meet new project demands, making it a seamless process to follow.

Desktop applications exist, however, due to the dispersed nature of a lot of project teams, online solutions usually take the cake. What project management online software offers, that desktop versions don’t, is accessibility. So, if yours is a team that requires the ability to work on a project remotely, then this product is a godsend.

Who Uses It?

Simply put, a lot of people. What started off as a popular tool for managing projects within software development companies and the IT industry, eventually spread to other businesses once word of mouth caught on to how processes could be simplified and improved by using an online project management system.

An effective tool for organization and something that can provide that productivity boost you were after, online project management software is a great idea to use for personal organization, as well as within the professional space.

Why Is It So Great?

Anyone who’s ever had to plan an entire project knows how chaotic project management can be. Project management tools can streamline the process, and simplify all aspects of it. It provides a visualization of the whole process, giving you a clear overview of how things are tracking along, and ensures you are well on your way to meeting your deadline.

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Most project management applications don’t require too much skill to navigate. A lot of them come with custom views and customer support so even for all you Luddites out there, it will be quite painless to pick up. Other benefits also include quality control, helping to mitigate risk, and a space to share information. But instead of harping on about all the great things it can offer, I’ve picked out the top five ways it can benefit you and your team.

The Top 5 Perks Project Management Apps Can Offer

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The project management top 5

1. Plan and forecast like a boss

Planning and organizing the project, even before it has actually begun, is a vital step of project management to get right. With features such as scheduling, reporting, various charts and boards, and checklists available in most online software applications, your job has never been easier. Once tasks have been delegated to team members, you have the ability to keep track of the activities to ensure nothing is amiss.

The centralized space project management online offers means all tasks, resources and activities are kept together. This gives you and your team a clear overview of the tasks that need to be completed in order to achieve the project’s objectives. It also maximizes decision-making and helps to plan the next steps of the project.

2. Deliver work with ease

Anyone who’s ever worked on any type of group project knows how testing it can get. Trying to hear different opinions and ideas, or ensuring everyone is focused on the same goal can be tricky if there are no guidelines put in place or a process for everyone to follow.

Using project management tools online can ensure people’s voices will be heard, and that everyone is on top of their tasks. Real-time updates and status of the deliverables help monitor progress and let you know if any task or activity requires immediate attention with notification and reminder features. Smartphone and tablet versions of the project management software will accommodate team members working remotely, so they never miss a beat.

3. Bring your team members closer together

Although team members are delegated individual tasks, what they’re each working on is essentially part of a bigger picture. Project management software fosters collaboration as it provides a space where colleagues can share files, give status updates, and communicate on any given matter. With everybody using the same method, it ensures that everyone involved is on the same page, and working towards the same goal.

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Online project management ensures you’re working towards the same goal!

4. Keep your pockets lighter

Implementing, and introducing your workplace to an online project management system, will come at an expense, however, it is something that you simply cannot afford not to have. It is a cost-effective tool that not only helps with planning and tracking the budget to ensure it won’t be exceeded, but it can also save your business a pretty penny in the long run. How so? Well, with fewer chances of slip-ups happening — due to a set process in place with all its monitoring and reporting features — it could save time, resources, and labour, as well as keep you under budget (which is always a bonus).

5. Improve the overall process

Online project management software bridges the gap between your client’s expectations and your meeting or surpassing, them. It provides structure to an otherwise disorganized process, which welcomes feedback, and helps mitigate risk. With all the project administration is taken care of, it gives you room to ensure that not only is your team happy trodding along with their work, but also the relationship with your clients and stakeholders is where you want it to be. Using a project management app will welcome an efficient process, and increase your chances of client satisfaction.

The core aim of online project management software is to load you with tools so that you keep on top of your tasks, and have room to explore ideas to further develop your product or service. Having an organized structure to keep everything in place will allow your team to achieve their project goals effectively and efficiently. While there may be hiccups along the way, having a good system in place will offer you the support to fix any issues, and put everything back in place with ease.

Final Thoughts

Here at Zenkit, our clever developers have created an online project management tool that will arm you with what you need to maximize your team’s productivity to its full potential — oh, and to enjoy the perks as well! If you’re someone who’s already been swayed to our side, then we’d love to hear what you think about our product. Pop your feedback in the comments, or drop us an email 🙂


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