The benefits of using a task management app

Unless you’re some kind of task management app aficionado, shopping for a new solution can be a little daunting (however, not an impossible feat). You’ll come across endless task management software reviews that may make the quest more confusing. To add to that confusion, we’ve also decided to add our two cents. Here’s what you should expect from your app.

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The first step in finding the best tool for the job is to first define what the job actually is. If looking for a task management solution, it must, of course, accommodate the demands of task management itself.

So, What is Task Management?

Task management is the ‘process of managing a task through its life cycle.’ It involves everything from the development of the idea through to its completion. Whether it’s for individual tasks or a group project, its purpose is to streamline the coordination of tasks so that you achieve your goals, and get things done.

There are many perks to enjoy with task management. Not only does it improve the organization, but it also has the potential to directly impact other areas of the business such as productivity and development. Other benefits include:

  • Enhancing team collaboration
  • Meeting deadlines
  • Working more efficiently and effectively

Personal Task Management

Completing tasks efficiently isn’t exclusive to your work life. Personal task management is well and truly ‘a thing’. Not only does it refer to the daily activity you have to accomplish in order to keep your life running, such as buying groceries, paying bills, and household chores, but it’s also the holidays, events, and passion projects that you do and organize in your spare time.

There is organization software on the market that caters specifically for personal task management purposes. However, many project management tools made for businesses are also great for personal productivity. Zenkit for example is a great tool to use for personal task management as its customizable and user-friendly features work just as well for personal use as they do for the office. Using the Kanban board view, for instance, is a great way to organize a birthday party or simply display a table of household responsibilities.

Tools for Task Management

Task management software is a-plenty, and they exist for the sole reason of helping you manage and get your tasks done. Sure, managing tasks for a project is possible with a pen and paper, but before you dive into the post-it notes, consider how complex your tasks will get in the long run, and think about how many times you’ll have to re-write schedules and to-do lists whenever there’s an update or when someone changes their mind. Not the most effective or environmentally friendly option, is it?

A digitized version will allow you to make changes easily, and then automate the updates. But that’s not the only cool thing they offer. The best task management software should also include the following features:

  • Task assignment
  • Status
  • Prioritization
  • Notifications
  • File attachments
  • Integrations
  • Chat systems
  • A mobile app
  • Collaboration

With all these features included, your team will be equipped with the tools necessary to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible, as well as to enjoy the benefits that come with using a task management app.

Task Management App Benefits

Activity is centralized

You’ll no longer have to worry about remembering various passwords and account details as everything will be in one spot. Not only will having all your processes and activity right in front of you make for easier managing, but it can also enhance team collaboration as everyone else’s activity will also be on the same system.

It allows you to prioritize tasks

Not all tasks are valued equally. There are tasks that have a high level of urgency and require immediate attention, and then there are ones that won’t bear any consequence if done a little later. Using a task management app ensures you get the most important tasks done quickly and efficiently, but also doesn’t let you forget about your other tasks as well.

You’re able to track progress

Having progress tracked on tasks highlights how much time is needed for certain tasks to be completed. This gives you an idea about which tasks require more time than others, allowing you to schedule and prepare for any similar tasks in the future. Also knowing the status of a task is always good for keeping your team and clients in the loop.

It gives you a visualization

Being able to visualize your tasks and workflow makes it easier to organize, manage, and accomplish. Many task management apps offer you customizable views that will allow your tasks to be reflected through diagrams such as a Kanban board, Gantt chart, or mind map. These charts help make complex information more manageable, and easier to understand.

Accessibility anytime, anywhere

Most, if not all, task management software come with mobile versions so you are not restricted to accessing it only in the office. The centralized system also means that companies with contract or remote workers will have an easier time sharing information in real-time.

You can go beyond task management

Many task management software reviews will tell you that the products are able to do more than just manage tasks. Sometimes embedded, or enabled through integration features, many task management apps allow you to go beyond task management and connect with colleagues through a chat platform, check your emails, and back up data.

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Looking at all the pretty features!

Tips for Better Task Management

Having the perfect productivity tool without knowing how to best utilize it will only get you so far. Here are four tips you could try to ensure you get the most out of your task management app.

Tip #1: Stick to one method

If you find that a task management app isn’t for you and that using post-it notes is a more effective way to keep on top of things, then, by all means, use post-it notes, but ‘stick’ to it (pun thoroughly intended). Having more than one method to keep track of your tasks can be confusing and may make you miss or overlook something important.

Tip #2: Update your to-do list only when an item has been ticked off

If you keep adding to your list without completing anything on it, you’ll only overload yourself. The point of task management is to ensure your workload is manageable so that you can actually achieve the things you set out to do.

Tip #3: Breakdown tasks as much as possible

Breaking down bigger tasks into smaller tasks gives them a higher chance of being completed. When a task is too complex or has more than one too many steps involved, it can seem overwhelming and impossible. Setting out smaller tasks makes them more achievable.

Tip #4: Do the most undesirable task first

If you’re not tied to any time restrictions, it’s always best to get the worst task out of the way. Known as ‘eating the frog’, this method stops you from procrastinating as you’ll have accomplished the most challenging and undesirable task first, keeping your productivity going to complete the other things on your list.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that you may not find all that you need on the one app. There are many teams that utilize more than one solution to tackle their task management. Remember that the best task management software will be the one that meets the demands and requirements of you and your team. However, at the very least, just ensure that it allows you to organize and manage tasks in an efficient manner.

Do you have any task management tips you care to share? Please do so in the comment section below!


Dinnie and the Zenkit Team