Zenkit as a monday.com Alternative

monday.com is a task management and collaboration platform.

It promotes transparency by allowing individuals and teams to communicate, create databases, and share files. But what if you require more flexibility in the way you or your team collaborates and views data?

With Zenkit, we’ve developed an online project management solution that supports teams as their projects grow and evolve. We believe in the power of having a strong framework that allows you to focus on accomplishing tasks. That is why we provide unlimited support in your workflow — giving you a structure that you can still customize to suit you. If you are looking for a more full-featured alternative to monday.com, give Zenkit a try!

Data Views monday.com Zenkit
Calendar View
Timeline View / Gantt Chart
Kanban View
List View
Mindmap View
Spreadsheet View
Wiki View
Task Management monday.com Zenkit
Custom Fields
Email Integration
Free Plan
Offline Access
Relational Database
View Switching
Zenkit Suite monday.com Zenkit
Dedicated To Do App
Dedicated Chat App
Dedicated Note App
Dedicated Project Management App
Technology & Data Protection monday.com Zenkit
Technology SaaS SaaS
Platforms iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web Browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux Apps and Web Browser
Hosted in Germany

Pros monday.com

  • Private and shared boards
  • Clean & simple user interface
  • Customizable layout

Cons monday.com

  • No free plan
  • Only available in English
  • No offline access

Pros Zenkit

  • Available in multiple languages
  • Complete offline access
  • Flexible data view switching

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