TMetric and Zenkit Projects

Connect your Zenkit Projects account with TMetric time tracking app

Connect with TMetric to track the time spent on your tasks from Zenkit Projects , and boost your team productivity.

About TMetric: Online Time Tracking

TMetric is a free and user-friendly online time tracker for freelancers and teams of any size. With TMetric you can manage your remote team, see how much time takes to complete any task or activity, and set budgets for your projects. You can also set rates on any task, client, project or team member, see your workday on a timeline, and get detailed time and money reports. TMetric integrates with 50+ services. You can even build your own integration using their open API. TMetric is available on all platforms. Learn more about TMetric and its features here: https://tmetric.com/features.

About Zenkit Projects: Online Project Management

Zenkit Projects is a multi-project management solution for agile and classical projects. It offers real time collaboration features, smart views, reports and resource planning which enable real progress to your team. With one click, you can switch your projects to different views, including Kanban, Gantt chart, Table, Mind Map, Hierarchy, List and Calendar. You can access Zenkit on almost any platform – include web, Windows, Linux, MacOS applications, as well as mobile versions on Android and iOS devices.

As part of the Zenkit Suite, Zenkit Projects seamlessly integrates with all other products among the Zenkit Suite. For more information, visit https://zenkit.com/projects.

Connect TMetric and Zenkit Projects

  1. Sign up for a Zapier account to get access to Zapier.
  2. Create an account with TMetric
  3. Log into Zapier and go to the Zenkit + TMetric Zapbook to find Zap templates.
  4. Or choose to create your own Zenkit and TMetric integration by selecting them when you create a zap.


This integration is supported by Zapier. If you experience any problems, please contact Zapier support. For more information on how to use Zenkit with Zapier, please read our documentation To contact TMetric support, send an email here.