Project Management

For entrepreneurs and start-ups

Launching a startup or any business is a project. A big one. Startups are expected to develop innovative products and services while quickly growing to meet the demands of the market. Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint of heart – it requires a lot of vision, determination, and risk to successfully launch a startup.

Being the visionaries that they are, entrepreneurs have great ideas about how they can start the next big thing, however, they often lack the planning and organization required to give their ideas the best platform from which to grow. An effective project management strategy can help entrepreneurs deal with all the risks, issues, and surprises that are bound to occur as your company grows.

As an entrepreneur, getting to grips with project management is key. Even if you don’t have any formal project management training, you should be able to benefit from following PM best practices to ensure that your startup or business is off to the best possible start.

Benefits of Project Management for Entrepreneurs

How can project management enhance the business building experience for entrepreneurs and startup teams?

Foster Innovation

Cultivate collaboration and inspire your team to work towards a common goal by connecting your long term vision with their day to day tasks.

Gain Accountability

Encourage employees to take ownership of, follow through on, and deliver their work on time by making it clear who’s responsible for what.

Bridge the Gap

Enhance internal communication between different teams through sharing projects, plans, and resources. Share project statuses with external clients and stakeholders.

Keep Your Team on Track

Ensure your teams meet their deadlines and are able to prioritize the right tasks to achieve your vision.

Help Prioritize Tasks

Quickly update task priorities in response to input from clients, advisers, and other stakeholders.

Optimize Processes

Effective project management balances detail oriented work with the big picture. Pinpoint and eliminate processes that hinder success, and boost actions that provide value.

Capture Everything

One tool, one single source of truth. Manage everything in a project management tool to reduce friction and reliance on email, chat, and meetings. Project management software is an excellent way for entrepreneurs and startup teams to reap the benefits without having to reinvent the wheel.

Project Management That Grows with You

Zenkit is the flexible project management tool that can get you from the first spark of an idea, to a fully fledged business and beyond. With Zenkit, you can focus on building your team, your product, and your startup, so you don’t get caught up in busy work. Whether you’re running a side hustle or launching the next unicorn, Zenkit can help.

Custom Fields

Custom fields give you the flexibility to create custom workflows, and the freedom to organize your data the way you want. Track anything from tasks to sales leads and appointments, all in one tool.

View Switching

Zenkit’s unique view-switching means you’ve always got the right tool from the job. Switch between a mind map, Kanban board, calendar, table, or list at any time.

Made for Everyone

From complete project novices to expert managers, Zenkit is suitable for all levels of proficiency. Each user can set up unique views so they can use Zenkit however they choose.

Workflows Made for You

When you’re creating a company from scratch, you need to quickly figure out which tools and processes you should use to ensure your success. Use Zenkit’s templates to implement tried-and-true processes with a single click.

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