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Zenkit for Education

Zenkit is a collaboration tool used by teachers, students, and universities worldwide to facilitate engaged, organized, and fun learning.

Whether you’re planning a lesson or an entire syllabus, organizing group work or writing your thesis, or simply need a way to keep track of the students attending a class trip, Zenkit is the perfect project management tool for any educational use.


Project Management for Universities

Plan your syllabus, track students, schedule courses, manage events and more with Zenkit.

A tool for every need

Browse examples of how universities and other tertiary education institutes are using Zenkit to execute everything from student and alumni admin to course scheduling and more.



“I have never run across a tool that so seamlessly adapts to the way I want to organize and conceptualize my data. Simply put – when using Zenkit I feel that I am throwing off the chains of every other system I’ve used. You’ve nailed a key concept in my view of human-information interaction.”
– Amy Fox, Cognitive Scientist at UC San Diego



Zenkit for Schools and Teachers

zenkit in the classroom

Use Zenkit as a platform for learning in classes of any size: Encourage project-based learning, collaborative work amongst students, and visual task tracking. Zenkit is perfect for in-class activities, as well as behind-the-scenes work like curriculum and syllabus planning, organization of extra-curricular activities and trips, and student progress tracking.

Use these examples of how teachers and school administrators are using Zenkit collections to inspire your own projects.

Try Zenkit in your classroom today!


Organization for Students

Use Zenkit to organize everything from your class or assessment schedule and group projects to your final dissertation.

Resources For Students

Study Planner
Group Project Management
Dissertation / Thesis Planner
Student Organization

Collaborating with a larger group of people?

We offer 50% off Zenkit Plus for qualifying educational institutions and students.

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