Introducing the Browsable Archive

Highly requested and eminently useful, a browsable archive has been a long time coming.  While we’ve had the ability to archive individual items and entire collections for a while, finding all the archived items has been a bit of a hassle. That’s why we’re excited to finally release our vision for a helpful, easy-to-use archive that feels like an extension of your collections.

zenkit collection item archive

The best thing about our new browsable archive is that you can use Zenkit’s powerful filters to help sift through your archive. Even if (like us) you have three years’ worth of items in the archive, you’ll still be able to find even the oldest one in moments!

Finding Your Archived Items

Zenkit’s item archive works on the collection level, so you can find all the items you’ve ever archived from a collection, all in one place. To find the archive, open your collection and click on the collection name to open the settings. On the left-hand menu, click ‘Archive’.

zenkit browsable archive
The collection archive in all its glory

The simple list of items is scrollable, and the archive filter works just like any other collection filter, helping you find items based on any condition you need. Tasks done by a particular user? No problem. All of your tax-related tasks from 2018? Sure thing!

zenkit archive filter

Restore or Delete Archived Items in Bulk

Once you’ve found the items you’re looking for, you can select them all (or only a few of them, if needed) and restore or delete them in one click.

selected archived items in zenkit

Not sure you’ve found the right item? Click to open the item details just as you would for a normal item. All the details you need are there.

Once you’re satisfied with your selection, click ‘Restore X items’ or ‘Delete X items’ at the bottom of the list and confirm the action.

Please remember that if you delete items, they’re gone forever! Neither you nor anyone on our team will be able to recover them.

All in all, you can now quickly and easily find and recover accidentally archived items, take a stroll down memory lane, or finally get rid of all your old archives in one fell swoop! We hope you’ll enjoy finding old items as much as we enjoyed building a way for you to find them! The archive is already available for all Zenkit users right now.


Siobhan & the Zenkit Team