How to create recurring tasks in Zenkit?

We’re happy to announce that all Plus users can now start using recurring items in their collections! A few of our eagle-eyed users have already discovered that we released the feature earlier this week, but it isn’t official until we post about it, right? As with all of our releases, we’ve added documentation to help you learn everything you need to know about recurring items.

zenkit recurring items

Recurring items will make it much easier to duplicate daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly workflows. It’s been a highly sought-after feature and one that we’ve also been requesting internally for ages:

Create Your Recurring Tasks

Recurring tasks work by adding a repeater to one particular item. You can set the repeater to repeat after a certain interval, for a certain number of repetitions (or infinitely). If you have multiple date fields in your collection, you need to pick which date field the repetitions should occur in. Currently, repeaters are limited to one per item.


zenkit recurring item settings

Once you’ve set up your repeater, virtual items will be created to mark where the item is repeated. This is so that your repeated items don’t take away from your Zenkit item limit 😉

virtual items on a zenkit calendar

Editing repeaters is a bit fiddly: At the moment, because of the virtual items, editing an item won’t cause those changes to appear on the subsequent items. That’s easily solved though! If you need to make a big change, you can just delete the old repeater and make it anew. Deleting it will remove all the virtual items and the new one will replace them.

To make a change on a single virtual item, click on it and confirm the little dialogue that asks you to create the item. Once created, the virtual item will count toward your item limits. You can edit any field, change the date or time, or archive the item, without affecting the others.

We hope you enjoy using the recurring tasks. Got an interesting way to use them? Share them in the comments 😊

We are always working to improve not only Zenkit but also the way people work. That’s why we constantly ask our users what they need to make Zenkit even better! So if you have comments or ideas about a killer feature, we’re all ears. As with the recurring tasks, we can’t guarantee they will be implemented right away, please know that we look at each and every feature request that’s sent to us, and do our best to incorporate them.

So what do you want to see from Zenkit next? Let us know in the comments below!


Siobhan and the Zenkit Team