Zenkit mobile views

We’ve been working hard to fulfil our promise to make all of Zenkit available everywhere. That’s why we’re so glad to announce that, as of today, you can access the table and mind map views offline, and on mobile!

asmo holding a mind map on a mobile phone

Offline Updates

Not only do mind map and table views now work offline, but so do changes to your profile, such as updating your profile settings, changing your profile theme, changing notification settings, and enabling or disabling add-ons. (You still need to be online to change your profile picture, though).

Panel locations in your collections also work offline, such that if you change the position of a panel while you’re not connected to the internet, the change is synced across your entire account once you get back online.

You can now also change field properties offline. You still can’t create new fields, however updating existing fields, such as adding new labels or changing existing labels, creating a default date or time, and changing field names and descriptions, are all possible.

Mind Map on Mobile

The mind map works pretty much just as it does on the web, with a few tweaks to make it easier to navigate with fat fingers.

In mobile mind maps, the + button to add new items remains visible at all times, so that you can quickly add as many items as you’d like. You move items by simply tapping and dragging them around the page. Simply tap on an item to open it.

Hitting the target icon will move you back to the centre of the map, and, if you’re on an iOS device, you can use the typical pinch-to-zoom gesture to zoom in and out of your mind map. (Support for this on Android is coming soon.)

To remove an item from the mind map, click on the small x icon next to the + button. For now, it’s not possible to move items from the ‘unconnected’ menu onto the mind map, however, this feature will come soon!

Table on Mobile

The table view, like mind maps, works pretty much the same way. When you tap on a cell to add information to it, it’ll open the item itself so you can quickly add in the info you need. You can add comments and @ mention others just as always

You can do all the same things you’re used to from the web app: sorting your columns, applying filters, and adding fields. You can also switch between aggregations in the head of columns, just as you can on the web.

To get the update just close & open your app again, or refresh your Zenkit page.


Siobhan and the Zenkit Team