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And bzzzt… it’s been 5 years?! What an extraordinary journey it’s been. We’re thrilled by the amount of support and engagement we’ve received so far. We know we are just at the beginning, and are just as curious about the future of information technology as before. 

Since the launch of Zenkit Base in October 2016, we have released a variety of other productivity apps fundamental to the development of the Zenkit Suite. With our latest release of Projects, suited for multi-project management, we’re geared up for plenty of enterprise trips to Mars. 

But before embarking on any trips or upgrading products with another toolkit, here are some snippets from the diverse online publications that have featured Zenkit over the years: 



“I want to point out what I love most about Zenkit: the fact that you can visualize your tasks in a variety of helpful ways. I love the flexibility that it gives me with respect to how I can view my data. For former Trello fans, I can think of no better alternative.” – The Next Web


“Zenkit isn’t the first project management solution to enter the market, but it could be the most beautifully simple one to date… With Zenkit, you can manage anything you’re working on with unlimited collections… Zenkit also offers real-time collaborative tools, which allow you to keep an eye on a project, regardless of your location.” – App Advice


“Some tools force you to adapt to their features. Zenkit does the opposite. With its highly customizable modules, you get to forge the tools exactly the way you need them to be. So personalize your calendar and inbox to improve performance. Use to-do-lists, kanban boards, and labels to optimize your workflow. Configure activity tracking and notification to keep you primed not only to meet deadlines and budgets but to surpass expectations — even your own.” – Go Skills


Zenkit To Do

“Zenkit To Do is a beautiful and feature-rich simple task management application for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise-class organizations. It enables users to focus on day-to-day tasks based on priority and using smart lists… And because Zenkit To Do is part of the Zenkit family, users can enjoy all of the deeply integrated products from a single data platform. [The Zenkit Suite] is an all-in-one solution for collaboration and project management best known for its flexibility and ability to fit any workflow.” – FOSS Mint


“Zenkit is a Kanban board, a mind map, a to-do list, a spreadsheet, and a calendar. Confused? It’s perhaps better to think of Zenkit as a database of things that you can view and organize in all those ways. That is the flexible power that the service offers… but if you find yourself always switching between one type of to-do list to another, then Zenkit is pretty [much] your only option.” – Slash Gear



“Zenchat aims to simplify chat and task management for remote teams. Zenchat was created to address the problem that most enterprise teams are facing in 2020: remote work is actually really hard to pull off successfully.” – 9TO5MAC


“Zenchat is a chat app mixed with a to-do list app. It basically merges the two into a single idea. Any message can become a task with a due date, reminders, notes, and whatever else you need.” – Android Authority


“Amid the pandemic or any other state of emergency, apps of such nature have become a necessary part of an online office suite. In Zenchat, the users can easily transform any message into a task, and they can assign or edit it within the chat… Zenchat is minimizing the redundancy issues and subsequently enhancing the productivity for collaborative projects.” – Tech Engage


“Forget sticky notes, texting, and in-person requests, time to move on to the next-gen of messaging with Zenchat, Superstar of the day. From direct messages to group conversations, Zenchat is one of the best applications in space that brings team chatting and task management app together.” – Mobile App Daily



“Hypernotes addresses [the] need for intuitive knowledge management in distributed teams. Hypernotes achieves this lofty goal (increase “read:write” ratio) with a number of features that have become the gold standard for personal and organizational knowledge management in recent years” – Mac Sources


“Zenkit’s new Hypernotes app is like Notion for businesses.” – Mobile Syrup


“Hypernotes uses a connective model to link your notes into relevant categories so all of your reference materials are available at a glance, as well as the interdependent web between them. It was created for large organizations to do their project management, but that means it’ll work just as well for your individual needs.” – KnowTechie



“Projects provide teams and workplaces with a complete set of features that help manage and save time, meet deadlines, and delegate and track tasks to stay on schedule with projects.” – 9TO5MAC


Image from AbsolutVision on Unsplash

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