Projects as a Padlet Alternative

Padlet is a digital canvas that allows you to create projects that are simple to share and collaborate on.

What if your team could see all of their projects and tasks at once? What if each team member could see the projects from their preferred perspective? 

This is the essence of Zenkit Projects! Projects is a multi-project management solution for successful teams that is suitable for both agile and traditional projects. Projects offers flexible optimization features such as project view switching, global views, and custom reports to teams – all necessary for task and resource management. 

Furthermore, Zenkit Projects is deeply integrated with the rest of the Zenkit Suite. 

Zenkit is an easy-to-use, yet powerful Suite that evolves and adapts to your needs. Try Zenkit Projects if you’re looking for a full-featured alternative to Padlet! 

Data Views Padlet Zenkit Projects
Calendar View
Gantt Chart
Hierarchical List View
Kanban View
List View
Mindmap View
Spreadsheet View
Wiki View
Task Management Padlet Zenkit Projects
Active Development
Activity Feed
Bulk Actions
Comments & Mentions
Custom Fields
Customizable Templates
Dark Mode
Delegation Feature
Due Dates
Duplicate Feature
Email to Zenkit
Field Aggregations
File Attachment (e.g. text & image)
Formulas & Aggregations
Free Plan
Global Search Feature
List grouping in folders
My Calendar View
My Favorites View
Offline Access
Offline Editing
Progress Bar
Progress Reports
Published API
Push Notifications
Real-time Editing
Recurring Tasks
Sync to Calendar
Task Assignment
Task Sharing
User Roles
View Switching
Workflow Switching
Workload Monitoring (per user)
Zenkit Suite Padlet Zenkit Projects
Dedicated To Do App
Dedicated Chat App
Dedicated Note App
Dedicated Digital Transformation Platform
Dedicated Form App
Technology & Data Protection Padlet Zenkit Projects
Technology SaaS SaaS
Two-factor Authentication
GDPR Compliant
Platforms iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Web Browser iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Linux Apps and Web Browser
Hosted in Germany

Pros Padlet

  • Wide range of templates
  • Great to brainstorm and share info. in schools and universities
  • Can be used by users even without logging in

Cons Padlet

  • Must pay for advanced features
  • Limited project and task management functions
  • Lack of integration with other software

Pros Zenkit Projects

  • Wide range of data views
  • Custom reports
  • Advanced project management features

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